Ring of Fire.jpg

Ring of Fire Wing Challenge

Can you handle the heat?! PROVE IT!!

Introducing the new Vicinity Lounge Ring of Fire Hot Wing Challenge!

These bad boys pack a whopping 2.8Million Scoville heat units. 

You have 10 minutes to finish 1lb of these insanely hot wings! followed by a 5 minute "Burn Time", during the Burn Time, you cannot have anything to drink, no washroom breaks, no smoke breaks, no gloves, no wiping or touching of the hands or face, no napkins, no lip balm, and no whining. 

If you successfully complete the challenge you will receive 50% off your wings, your photo on the Wall of Fame and on Vicinity Lounge social media accounts, and entry into a draw to win a free lb of wings every month for a year.

Try it, we dare you!